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    How do I get a linksys wusb11 version 2.6 to work?

    First I'd like to say I know pretty much absolutely nothing about linux, at all. However I would like to know stuff about it which is why i installed it. One of the first things I figured is important to learn how to do is connect to the internet. I installed ubuntu version 5.10 on an old laptop btw.

    So I have a wusb11 version 2.6 that I would like to use to connect to a wireless network from a WRT54G linksys router.

    I tried googling, but it just left me further confuse.

    Could someone please try to help me in very easy to understand language.

    btw I couldn't figure out how to login as root or where apt-get is, or how to install ndiswrapper.

    Also I can download things onto teh windows box I am posting this from and transfer them to the laptop via a usb flash pendrive.

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    If your wired card is working, see this post to find out how to install software using apt. Also see this thread to find the name of a linux driver if it exists, if a linux driver exist, then search on ubuntu's ftp repository or use apt to downlaod and install the package.
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    xd, it turned out I didn't even need ndiswrapper, in fact I had already discovered how to connect to my network.

    All i needed to do was change the encryption type from plain ascii to hexadecimal so my wep key would work.

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