Okay sorry if this is confusing or if I'm not stating the problem in the most coherent manor, I'm not really a network buff.

So here's my problem; I have a microtec gateway setup at my office which is running a pppd and allows clients to connect via a tunnel. i have a linux based gateway at another site which is successfully connecting to the microtec via the tunnel. I don't want to redirect all traffic through the tunnel but only allow users on the microtec end connect to devices on the other end of the tunnel...

now that doesn't seem to come out right.

HTML Code:
    [User]                [Access Point 10]   [Access Point 11]
        \\                       \\             //
[microtec gateway] =========== [linux based gateway]
          ||    pptp Tunnel      ||
          ||                     ||
    (~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INTERNET  ~~~~~~~~~~~~)
Now i would like User to be able to open the Access points 1 and 2 as if they were local. so if they go to IE or Firefox and type in or they get directed to the Access points..

I've setup the microtec gateway w/ a route to route all traffic to which is the pptp tunnel IP of the client linux gateway at the other end. Now a tracepath confirms that this routing is setup and opens fine in my browser as well. however i am unable to get to the access points. I know that you have to setup routing somehow on the linux based gateway to route traffic from the subnet to subnet... but i don't know how

every route add command i try seems to either not work or break the tunnel...

Any help or ideas? am i just doing this in the most complicated way?

p.s. I've already tried to bridge the ppp0 interface w/ my local network on the linux gateway but brctl addif br0 ppp0 does not work... i guess there isn't support for bridging ppp0 (or so I've been told)