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    using iptables to define routing rules

    i want to define some routing rules for my test networks using iptables.
    so my first question can be is it possible to use iptables to select a path from two different available paths.

    further here i explain my situation.
    i have 4 networks with me NetX(, NetA( NetB( and NetY(
    now there is no direct access from NetX to NetY but through NetA or NetB.
    I want send some traffic through NetA and some through NetB and lets assume at the moment all the traffic for port 80 will go through NetA and rest of the traffic will go through NetB.

    so i want to know how to built a firewal at the point where NetX, NetA and NetB meet so that from that point onward traffic is diverted in two paths.



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    thanks for the link i have gone through few iptables tutorials,
    what i think about iptables is they can help to filter traffic means either drop or pass through the firewall or iptable can help to do Network Adress Translation. so my confusion is that can it help me to decide the route as well on the basis of filtering it does. if yes then how.


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    This thread might be helpful:

    Good luck,

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