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    Slackware 9.1: Networking and dorm ethernet access

    Ok, I'm not new to Linux, but all network stuff I have ever done has been centralized around a small LAN at home. We finally have ethernet access in the dorms this year (It's my junior year - I'm one of the guys who was stuck pulling fiber, wiring patch panels, doing network drops, and pouring concrete thanks to my internship with computer services... anyway). The problem is, I can't seem to get out past the gateway - I am to the point where I can ping the gateway and get a response, but I can't get anything outside that (IE Internet access).

    I haven't asked for any info from CS regarding setting up - I just ran ipconfig on my win2k box, copied down the domain, gateway, my static IP, and subnet mask, and plugged all the info using netconfig.

    Any ideas? I actually have the same problem with my FreeBSD install IIRC - I haven't been working with it much right now because that is for my server work and I want to get my Linux desktop install set up so I can stop relying on Windows 2k (which is all fine and dandy, but I prefer Linux for desktop work).

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    Ok, I decided to give DHCP a try. I edited my resolv.conf and enabled it, and I'm still having the same problems. Not quite sure where to go from here.

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    2 possibilities:

    1) do you have to specify a proxy server when using windows in Internet Explorer internet options? Try specifying that Proxy Server address (the address of your gateway + proxy server port) in your Linux browser of choice.

    2) Can you browse the network by IP addresses alone? eg, try going to - do you get a page? if so, your DNS (entries in /etc/resolve.conf) need fixing.

    Failing that, give your network admin a call, see if there are any special requirements for using the network.


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