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    Linux Internet Connectivity

    Hello, I decided to install linux and use it as my main desktop because I seemed to like it much more than windows right now but theres one thing that makes it impossible for me to use it.

    That is my internet connection speed. I am suppose to max out at around 600 KBps but on linux I am only getting like 20 KBps. But first the situation is this.

    I have 2 computers on my desk, one windows and one linux. They both DO have wireless cards and of course I have a router that give my windows pc connectivity. But because I can not seem to get my wireless card in my linux pc to work bc of the drivers (Yes I know about ndiswrapper but I never can get it to work) I set up a bridge connection through ethernet from my windows pc. I dont know if the ethernet cable is slowing it down or causing it to go only 20 KB. Because ethernet is supposed to be fast. So I am not sure why it is downloading so slow. I download a whole bunch of stuff on linux, and just downloading a 40 MB file takes like 20 mins, and I cant work with that bc normally it would be done in like a few mins. So anyone know what might be causing this?

    Note: I am using Fedora 5


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    Why don't you try madwifi instead of ndiswrapper? It seems easier to me than the set up you're attempting.
    Check the compatibiluity of your adapater on the site, then download the rpm (and wpa_supplicant if you want wpa encryption).

    yum update
    yum install madwifi wpa_supplicant

    and your on your way!

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    Hm never heard of madwifi. I checked the site and my Broadcom card isnt listed but I dont think thats an official list of whats supported so Ill give it a go. Anyway since I last reported this, I was able to get ndiswrapper closer to working..


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