Need to Setup a Wireless Home network in a desktop
Running Fedora 5 new install.
Most directions (including vendors unsupported) for earlier cores using PCMCIA-CS.

Using a
3G Cingular network (GSM)
Sierrawireless Aircard860
Sychrotech PCI Bus to PC Card PCM-CR-PC1IC2 (PCMCIA to desktop PCI)
Intel D865GLC Motherboard with latest BIOS

Totally unclear to me how to configure this from current documentation.
New PCMCIA treatment in 5

FYI: Sychrotech adapter automatically recognized
Sierra Wireless card "seen"
Guess I am down to
1. Finding where to put the Vendors driver
2. Putting in Cingulars login parameters to connect
3. Finding the software that works in a GNU interface to manage the connection.

lspci etc don't appear to be part of package

Question: Better to back off to an earlier release or different implimentation (Debnian, etc.)?? or has someone dealt with this

Do have it working on the XP partition of a dual boot system
so it is not hardware.

Why 3G Wireless in a desktop?
RE: Cingular -- only faster thing in rural area except satellite
RE: Cingular -- Supports VPN (need for other activities)
RE: Linux -- Security and logging (and not prone to WinDoze viri).
RE: Demonstrate to 12 year old that there is more to life then Bill Gates
RE: File and other services for XP boxes on LAN side espcially backing up the significant other's critical files.

Any help and suggestions appreciated