hello every one,

I have been tryin to configure penggy (pengAOL) on my dual-boot laptop, as unfortunately my ISP is AOL for windows (will change soon ) - I want to get connected with Linux (I run slackware9.1 and mandrake9.2) (yes!!! I have 3 OSs on /dev/hda1).... -

everytime I need to go online (even to ask for help) I need to restart my system and log on winXP (very annoying )

anyway I installed the latest release of pengAOL (penggy-0.2.1.tar) and after configuring it, it still keep saying that it does not find my username on /peng/penggy-0.2.1/aol-secrets

by the way, I have changed the AOL-secrets file, and saved my username and password - one more thing tho, I have just started to learn C++ and not very good yet at editing in UNIX language so I might have edited it wrong - can anyone help suggesting what the possible problem/s are?

this is what my AOL-secrets file in /etc/peng/penggy-0.2.1 looks like at the moment:
## screen_name secret

sreen_name = john smith
secret = ********

thank you all