First, I'm new here -- big hello to everyone.

So, I want to be able to run a nameserver (or some setup) such that *all* requests would return the same URL -- I want it to work like those pay wifi access points, where you go to "" and it just redirects you to their pay/log-in page. I want to do something similar so that I can run a WiFi access point from my computer, and have others automatically go there when they connect (and open a browser, of course).

(Basically, the reason for this is that I'm taking a train up to see a friend soon [no wifi access there!] and it would be neat to be able to have people find me that way...they try to check their webmail, and end up at my page instead, as I'm their AP.)

It would be running on Gentoo, and I assumed BIND, but if this would be easier w/another one, let me know.

Thanks a million in advance,