Hi all,
Ive got a bit of a question about IPTables logging. Ive got my linux (RH9) gateway using an iptables firewall. Ive also used HDParm to set my HD to turn off after 1min of inactivitgy, as i want the server to be as quiet as possible. When the HD is off, the pc makes no audible noise, and i'd like to keep it this way

My question is:
Is there a way i can make iptables log only high rated intrusion attempts, or store all logs in ram, and write them in big chunks (so that the HD only comes on once in a while? Id eve settle for completley disbling logging as the machine isnt exactly high priority, and only shares my net connection.

At the moment, the hd goes off, and comes back on about 30 secs laters.... goes off... comes back on, which annoys me, seeing it goes 'CLICK' wen it powers up.

Thx in advancve for any help