Hi there.

I'm trying to build up a PAN network for a work i'm in to, in which i need to connect to other machines (non-linux) via bluetooth to enable file and data transfers. So, i decided to use PAN, and after consulting some tutorials, i've enabled the PAN service over bluetooth using the following command:

# pand --listen --role NAP --master

The service is active, at least when i browse the local avaliable services, using sdptool, the NAP service is there.

However, in a winXP computer, when i browse the services, i can't seem to find the NAP service which i enabled before, and therefore, i can't create a PAN network!

Can anyone help me on this? The tutorials and howtos i've searched only specify a PAN network between 2 unix machines.

Thank you in advance, Joćo Ramos