I'm running a fileserver of sorts (nothing illegal) using Gentoo Linux with the vanilla 2.6.3 kernel on my campus network. I'm having a very irritating problem with this configuration dealing with my machine's hostname.

I have the hostname set to knet and only computers in my particular dorm building on campus are able to see my computer as having the name 'knet' and be able to resolve my IP address ( as knet. These other buildings represent IP ranges other than 10.40.x.x, such as 10.10, 10.20, 10.30 and so on, or so I've come to understand.

Any computer in any building on campus has access to my machine as its IP address. But not as the name 'knet.' This is my problem. The people that access my Samba shares every day know it as knet. I don't have time to teach them all an IP address or anything like that. This was working perfectly for almost a month up until two days ago when it seemed to just arbitrarily stop. Any ideas as to what could be the problem?

I should also mention that I own two Windows XP computers and neither of them have this problem. Both of their names resolve nicely all over campus.

Any help in this is greatly appreciated!