It worked just half of the job in the sense that the others can see my computer but they can`t acces me.My ip is different of them:i have 10.13.12.XXX and they have 10.13.11.XXX.Strange thing is that once, before i run samba server, i saw many other computers and workgroups from my university, whithout seeing my workgroup - this wasn`t possible from W$.Now i see just a part of the computers from my university, gathered in a single workgroup.
And i still have to enter user names and passwords...
I don`t know if i have a samba server or a samba workgroup! How should i know this?
i only know that all other computers have Windows...and we use dhcp.By the way, why the server gave an ip different from the others?!
There are so much to say and so many to listen !