hello, i'm very new to linux, this is the first time i'v used it. so the solution to this may be obvious. I'm having trouble getting my suse linux 10 desktop on my network. I have a windows domain, though i am not trying to add it to the domain just want it to get the dhcp config, and the internet provided by the network. however nothing i'v been able to find in the yast settings so far has helped. It is not recieving any information from dhcp, and if i manually assign the settings and try to ping another box i get a destination host unreachable error. so i think the issue is with the card. this card was automatically detected and installed by suse durring setup. as i'm not used to linux drivers i cant tell by the name if this may be the wrong driver for my card. is it possible the auto setup got it wrong? any help is appreciated. thank you