I could not find any good tutorial about installing, configuring and using MPICH2 on Debian platform.

Argonne National Lab tutorials are not for beginners. I think those are for experience users.

Tutorial on the site: http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/debian-howto/mpi.html
is very short.

Please let me know if some one has some clues.

I am new to the Linux world. My objective is to make a Beowulf cluster and then use
it to run programs in parallel.

So far I have made a LAN, using Debian. I learned about Firewall, TCPwrappers, NIS and NFS.
I hope and wish to learn about MPI (MPICH) as well.

I learned to installed packeges by : apt-get install packagename.
But in Argonne National Labs manual, there is different way. That is by using tar, gz etc...
WHich I never did before.
.Also no where they mention that that procedure is for Debian
That's why I am in little uncomfortable situation.
"apt-get install mpich2" does not work!.

Please guide me to get started. Then I will work hard and get used to this stuff.