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    internet sharing with 360

    I have looked everywhere and posted on numerous other linux sites, but noone has been able to give me a guide to sharing my usb wifi internet with my 360. so I hope you can help.
    this is how i had it configured.

    firestarter installed.
    firestarter internet sharing enabled.
    network manager, wifi: ip |eth, ip gateway|xbox 360 ip, gateway|

    ive have gotten through the ip checks, but still have not gotten past the DNS check.

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    It's not clear what your configuration is.

    Microsoft makes a wireless network adapter that connects to the XBOX via USB--is that what you have? And that adapter's IP is And XBOX routes all traffic to gateway, which is the wireless adapter on your Linux PC?

    But where does "wifi: ip" come in? And how is your Linux PC connected to the internet--cable modem? dialup? DSL? It would be helpful if you executed this command and posted the results:
    $ netstat -nr

    I can't help you specifically with firestarter, but it looks like it just adds a convenient interface to the capability that is native to Linux.

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    this is how i have it set up....

    cable modem--->wifi-->usb wifi adapter--->computer--->ethernet card--->xbox 360

    i dont have the wireless adapter for the 360, thats why i want to share my pc's connection with my 360.

    my wifi: ip, is the ip that connects to my wirelss router. my psp is, my main wired computer is and my router is

    i set it so the ethernet card, uses my wifi as a gateway.

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