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    ndiswrapper dissapearing?

    Hello All,

    Well I had successfully installed ndiswrapper to work with my Broadcom bcm4318 card a week ago and then this happened:

    One night I let my power run out (by accident) and the laptop shut itself off. When I came back on, The wlan0 (the one that did work) wouldnt activate and the 'dhclient wlan0' (that I had to run before to use the net) would take forever to execute.

    When the net was working, In the Add New Network Connection (under Wireless) I would see 'ndiswrapper(wlan0)' and the 'Other Card' as options. NOW, I see the full card name (Broadcom Copr. Air Force 54g......) and the Other Card as options.

    So something went wrong when the laptop ran out of power.

    There is an alias for ndiswrapper in modprobe.conf, and the built-in driver (I dont want it active; it conflicts with ndiswrapper) is blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist with 'blacklist bcm43xx'

    And yet after running ndiswrapper -l and seeing it says me driver is 'install and the hardware present', still nothing.

    Any Ideas?
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    What distro are you using? Try running
    lsmod |grep -i bcm
    And post back if you get anything.

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    Check lsmod to make sude bcm43xx isn't loaded and ndiswrapper is. Try modprobe -r ndiswrapper, modprobe ndiswrapper and check dmesg. Try a reset, iwpriv wlan0 ndis_reset and or iwconfig wlan0 ndis_reset
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    @First Reply:
    Fedora Core 5
    I dont get anything


    No bcm isnt running and ndiswrapper is (in lsmod)

    None of the modprobe's had an effect

    The output of dmesg (I shortened it down a bit since I am on a diff. comp

    'ndiswrapper: device wlan0 removed
    ndiswrapper: driver bcmw15 loaded

    And the iwpriv reset didnt work (I couldnt run the iwconfig because it said: 'unrecognised wireless request "ndis_reset"


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    Sorry for the double post (my browser wouldn't open the Edit window for my earlier post).

    But could the loss of the ndiswrapper(wlan0) in Network settings be because of that my laptop turned itself off when I ran out of power?

    Oh yea and...

    When the WiFi was working, I would see a lot of 'iotcl' or a name like it at the Boot Screen, now I dont see that at all on Boot.


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