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    Exclamation Peak Wireless PCI Not Working!

    hello everybody! newbie here so please forgive me...
    i've tried searching on the forums but cannot seem to find the answer to my problem
    i'm running suse 10.1 for the past 2 days, and i've tried and tried to get my Peak Hardware 802.11g Wireless 54Mbps Cardbus Adapter working. This is an internal PCI card.
    I've been on: , found the driver, downloaded it from my pc (and transferred it to the linux computer through a USB pen drive),
    i've used the following tutorial: , yet it does not seem to be working.

    The driver is a .exe file when i download it, and ndiswrapper says it's an 'invalid driver!'.
    I also tried changing it to a .zip file and installing that through ndiswrapper, that also did not work. AND i've tried just installing the .INF file but still no success at all.
    I do not have my cd anymore as i have misplaced it, otherwise i would have tried that too.

    Could somebody PLEASE help me out and point me in the right direction on what to do, or if there is a link to somewhere i may not have looked to find the solution.

    Thank you in advance,


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    Did you take out the .sys and .inf file and put them in the same directory? Also maybe try running the comand lspci, and post back. It should tell you which chipset your wifi card is using. There may already be a native driver in linux for it.

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    i'm sorry but you're gonna have to bear with me... i'm a COMPLETE newbie, i have no idea what lspci is
    also, when i tried installing the .inf file from a folder it didn't install
    i had to drag it to the desktop for it to install but then when i checked using ndiswrapper -l
    it said 'invalid driver!'

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    having a similar prblem....i have got the same pci card(peak 802.11b/g wireless LAN PCI card) dont have a clue where the disk to install it is. i have gone on the peak website and downloaded the driver alongside my model of pci card,when i open up the download it asks me whether i accept the terms and conditions etc.... i accept it it shows a loading bar then something new appers on my desktop i open it there are 8 files....when i right click it it says open with....since i have no idea wtf im doin i am now stuck.....would anyone be able to help me bearing in mind the computer i am downloading it to doesnt need help it is another computer therefore me somehow transfering it using a cd or pen drive,would anyone be able to suggest a solution or redirect me to a decent driver dowload....would be very greatful!!

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    dw found the cd

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