( yes I know Softmodems suck, I cannot presently afford a real modem )

Now for my problem. I have this OEM internal PCI 56k dialup softmodem made by Smartlink. I know for certian that this modem functions since I have tried it under the windows side of my system. (And in fact am currently using it).

I Use SuSE Linux 10 and when I try to setup a connection to my ISP with YaST it appears to work. However Kinternet produces inscrutable error messages that /dev/slamr? does not exist. Even though a quick ls shows clearly that it does. (And file indicates that it is a device node). YaST does not suggest that one of the /dev/slamr* options be used instead it suggests /dev/modem. Which is a link to /dev/slamr0. I have /dev/slamr0-slamr3.

(I also checked to see if the Smartlink Modem software was correctly running. It was (I installed it from SuSE's cd's). I am not so good at hardware unfortunatly and utterly incapable of handling this problem of my own volition.)

Thank's in advance.