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    What's the best Remote Desktop app?

    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying out Ubuntu and Fedora recently and have come across a problem. We have Windoze 2003 terminal servers at work and I connect to these regulary for maintainance from home.

    The default Remote Desktop app (rdesktop I believe) included with both distro's keep's crashing (maybe this is tsclient, not rdesktop) when I log out of the remote session. There is also no ability to minimise a remote desktop connection (It can be done in Windoze Remote Desktop). I regulary log onto two or three servers at a time for program updates.

    Is there a better (and free!) rdesktop frontend or remote desktop viewer anywhere that I can use?

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    Have you tried KDE's krdc? It's a nice package that supports multiple protocols, can easily switch between fullscreen/windowed (with regular windowing options available, such as minimizing, resizing, etc.), and can scale the remote image to fit your window/screen.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I've just tried to fire up krdc in knoppix on a spare PC I have lying around here at work. I can't make it connect for some reason.

    I type "rdp:/<server address>" which allows me to select "connect". It then asks me the colour and resolution preferences for the remote desktop window, then it says "Connection attempt to host failed".

    I can ping the server fine, and rdesktop works fine from command line. I'm still in noobsville and not up to working in command line yet. I'll do a bit more reading and see what that problem with krdc could be.

    EDIT: Gargh, trying to connect to the wrong server. It's working great now, can't wait to try it on my fedora box.

    Thanks Zelmo

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