I have a linux (Suse 10.1) (Networked Attached Storage) pc, with an HP j5000 workstation running HPUX 10.20 mounting a directory on the NAS, via NFS. I can mount the linux directory from the j5000, using the automounter. Everthing looks ok, except that file locking doesn't work - I get the error -fcntl: No locks available.

Using direct NFS and autofs mounts results in the file lock
hanging up.

This is also the case with hpux11.11. I've tried the standard fix, adding the insecure_locks directive to the linux export arguments, but no joy.

Any help/tips appreciated.

Apolgies for repeating this post, but I originally put it in the SUSE board, when it is more likely a general problem with Linux/HPUX. I have also provided a little more information.