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    Accessing Secured folders on samba from win XP pro

    I've installed Samba on CentOS, When I don't use user accounts (so, when a folder is available for everyone, it's working great). But when I want to secure a folder with a user name and password, I have a little problem...

    This is the login screen from windows XP pro, the problem is that I can't insert a username, so I can't access the folder... (I have this problem at every computer with win XP)

    Is there a sollution so I can access this folder at all the computers in our home-network??


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    you must import the x users as samba users, then specify wich users can logon to samba share and what user will be the forced logon for file permissions

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    In other words, create a Unix account for your Windows user by typing useradd or adding the user via Gnome or KDE.

    Then, once you add the user you must create a Samba user account for the same user by typing at the command prompt with root privileges: smbpasswd -a username (creates account) followed by smbpasswd username (creates password). Now, restart the Samba daemon by typing /etc/init.d/smb or samba restart (so many distros, so many differing commands).

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