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Thread: 10 or 100Mbps

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    10 or 100Mbps

    I believe my 10/100 network card to be running only at 10Mbps. I know it's a 10/100Mbps card as i got it out of a sealed box! and the switch it's connected to is a 10/100 switch, so no problem there, i ran mii-tool it said:

    eth0:10Mbps, Half duplex, link ok
    This to me sez it's connected only at 10Mbps, not 100. The computer's runnin Slack 9.1, and it's recognizes the card as a RTL8139 and is usin the RTL8139too driver, why's it only connecting at 10Mbps?
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    Assuming you've tried the basic networking troublshooting stuff, your post reads as though the card and switch are failing at auto-negotiating at 100 then do the typical step down to 10 and try to negotiate again but are successful.

    I've had some 10/100 cards that just won't sync at 100. If the user really needs 100 then you can try to change the card to a different mfg. perferabiltily to the same mfg as your switch or what ever brand works best with the rest of your net.

    I forgot what your linux machine is doing, but unless its a heavily used server, 10 will do for most lite weight server stuff (email, proxy, samba etc..) but die on video conferencing etc...

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    Well, the card is actually in my server, so could do with a bit os bandwidth! As it happens, the network card and switch are the same manufacturer..... I got a mate told me how to sort it last night though.

    mii-tool --force 100baseTx-FD eth0
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