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    hello everyone.
    i have installed FC5 in home and FC4 in office.My doubt is can i connect to internet through dial up modem in linux(i.e internel modem DLINK) or can i connect to broadband networks from FC5 ?? will linux detects the internel modem ??

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    In general, using an internal 'Winmodem' with Linux is more difficult than using an external modem. Such modems use built in software to connect up which may not be fully supported.

    Having said that, some Winmodems are supported, assuming someone was kind enough to write a driver or two. A good starting point is the linmodems page.

    Any major Linux distro will support connecting to broadband or dial-up, and do it well. Personally I use a 4-way D-Link wired router (as opposed to wireless). There's nothing special about my setup at all, but it does the job and very rarely goes wrong.

    Bear in mind that with Linux there is a learning curve to get through, but modern distros have wizards and guides built in, and of course you always have us to fall back on.
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    thanks a lot fingal.
    i try connecting to internet from home tmrw and post back.

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