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    Question Linux office gateway


    I currently running a Fedora Core 4 server with two NIC.

    eth 1 is connected to an ADSL router. The ADSL router is run in bridged mode.
    I have managed to setup an adsl connection via adsl-setup and ifup ppp0 works
    fine the linux box surfs and works fine

    eth0 is attached to a hub. The Fedora server is running dhcpd and issues ip to
    all machines on the network.

    My question is, I want the client machines connected via eth0 and hub, to be able to
    surf via the ppp0 adsl connection. I have added the ip masquerading to the ppp0
    connection and /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is set to 1.

    Do I need to add routing rules to get eth0 to forward internet request to the ppp0
    or do I need to do something to the iptables.

    General Information.

    eth1 = ip
    eth0 = ip
    ppp0 = ip dynamic from ISP, ISP also sets DNS upon connecting.
    adsl router = ip, running bridged

    dhcpd = Gives ip's in range - with router option set to

    One more question. If I try to go to via one of the windows clients
    which is connected to hub with dhcp set. Is there a way to check if the Linux box has received the request and where it sends it to ?

    If anybody can help, I'd really appreciate it. I not linux guru but I would like to try and make this work.

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    Just download Firestarter for this task. It will integrate seemlessly with your intended setup and will remove a lot of the guess work. For an easier setup, make the entire box a firewall appliance by using either Smoothwall or IPCop. Either of these firewall distros will suffice and will provide detailed logging for inbound and outbound TCP/IP traffic.

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    this is all handled thru ip masquerading on iptables.. but if i could suggest an easier, faster, and better managable solution.. why not setup a proxy server? I have one on a my slackware server here at work called "middleman." Works very well. If you don't want to do that then we can help you with the masquerading rules.

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