halo... i did found out a link about installation of ndiswrapper as below:

I am getting confuse when i read the part "NICS that are Incompatible with ndiswrapper"

NICs that are Incompatible with ndiswrapper
The ndiswrapper module works by assuming that the Linux operating system does not recognize the NIC card. If Linux does recognize the card, then ndiswrapper won't load correctly. The ndiswrapper -l command will list installed drivers, there will be ndiswrapper entries in the /var/log/messages file but the dmesg command won't mention the status of the ndiswrapper module loading process at all and activating the wlan0 interface will fail.

From the statement above, is that means I cannot activate my wlan0 interface if my linux able to recognise card ???

If yes, how should i go to solve this problem in order to activate the wlan0 interface and connect to internet ???