I have a wireless network whit 50 pc, antena 24dbi and senao as access points. my internet comes from a adsl router model LG 400c whit 2M of bandwitch, from there goes to a senao connected via wireless to an ethernet converter whit pcmcia Orinoco Gold, and comes down to a linux fedora core 5, that works as an router whit 2 ethernet conections, one to my 50 clients and the other is for the ethernet converter.

when there is traffic from 20 or more clients losses start goin up to 45% to 58%.

if ther is anyone who can help me, please... the 24 dbi antenas are ok, all the cable from the adsl to the linux machine are ok. also i have trayed whit an adsl router d-link 500g and have losses just in the router.. the internal network wass ok.. if some one could tell me what firmeware will go good on the d-link i will thank you soo match. the d-link just get down whit more traffic.