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    dhcp client and server

    I'm really new at this, and here's my scenario:
    I have a home network with a wireless router (IP My Linux computer is configured statically as from the router. I have another computer which does not have a wireless card and is not near the router, and I need to connect it to the Internet. My Internet-connected computer has one spare ethernet port, so is possible to configure my connected computer with dhcpd to allow the other one to connect through it via DHCP?
    And if it is, I have absolutely no clue about how to get this working with dhcpd.conf, nor even whether the computer without a wireless card will have access to the same private network.
    And if there's a simpler option, please enlighten me.

    Essentially a server within a server:
    router ( --> Linux box ( --> non-wireless box (???)

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    You can do this, but it's a little complicated - it involves IPtables, and you'll turn your Linux machine into a kind of gateway device between the real LAN and the other computer. You'll also need a different kind of network cable for the direct connection between the two computers.

    Has your wireless router got any ethernet ports on it? It would be much easier to plug the other computer into there rather than into the Linux box.
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    Yes it does, but you see it has to remain downstairs, and both my computers are upstairs. So what am I supposed to do, thread the ethernet cable through the heating vent? plumbing?
    Or do I just buy a wireless ethernet bridge? I think I'll do that.

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