When I connect to the remote site with Cisco VPN client and my configuration profile, I get the following output:
Password []:
Authenticating user.
Negotiating security policies.
Securing communication channel.

Your VPN connection is secure.

VPN tunnel information.
Client address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Server address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Encryption: 168-bit 3-des
Authentication: HMAC-MD5
IP compression: none
NAT passthrough is active on port UDP XXX
Local LAN access is disabled [its deliberately disabled]
It seems that the VPN client had connected (?). I would expect that the VPN client would exit (but keep running on the background), and I would get the command prompt back. Unfortunately, I dont get a command prompt. Why am I not getting any command prompt after connecting to the remote network through Cisco VPN client?

My ultimate goal is to write a bash script, which would connect via VPN and download some files from a remote network via FTP. Could anybody post some links to an example of a VPN session


UPDATE: Well, I should have RTFMed better. There's a FAQ on a Cisco web site that directly amswers my question Now I just need to find out how can this be scipted