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    Port forwarding problem with Ipcop

    I have a problem with port 25 on an Ipcop box. Or maybe it's not the port it self that's the problem. I have already forwarded port 20, 21, 22, 80, 443, 1701, 1723 + GRE for internal use on both the orange and green network. Everything have worked perfectly until now.. I'm about to implement a mail server and want's to port forward port 25 to a specifik IP on the green network. But when I do my RAS server can't be reased from Red network.!
    (port 1701 + 1723) Anyone knows what the h... is going on.?
    The mail server works perfectly when adding the port forwarding.

    EDIT: Just tested if I could forward port 25 to orange network. Worked perfectly.

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    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I have the same (more or less) problem.

    On a workstation on the green network, when I telnet on port 25 to the red interface, the connection is accepted.

    When I try this same telnet from an external source, I get a connection failed. I not just have SMTP issues, but RDP, FTP and HTTP.

    Any ideas??


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    Hi Spamme.

    Thanks yes I did solve my problem.
    Your problem sounds a bit different to me.
    Is it a "clean" IPCOP installation.? Any addon's.?
    Sounds like anything You wanna pass through the box is blocked.?
    Give me some details on Your setup and I will see if can help.

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