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    .::Modem Help request::.

    Could some one help me possiblely with Fedora Core 1!

    My External modem is a Creative labs modem blaster 56k flash, i have noticed that there is no support for this modem at all on the internet. If some1 could please help me with this, i'd be very greatful, (it's a serial modem/External!).

    I have uninstalled Win2K Pro, as windows isRubbish.

    The kernel is 2.4.22

    Other advice needed in the future, but geting my pc on the net is a MUST :P


    P.S. Hi to all members

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    modem scanner utility

    Have you tried the modem scanner utility on

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    start an exterm (in kde click the run dialog and type "xterm") in the xterm type
    "su" press return and enter your root password

    then type this command:

    "wvdial wvdial.conf"

    This should start wvdial and try to detect your modem (make sure it is plugged in and switched on) if the detection was sucsesfull it will create a basic configureation file in this location /etc/wvdial.conf you need to edit this file #-AS ROOT#- (in any text editor and where it says phone number, username and password you need to change these to the phone number of your isp (you did write it down right??), the username you use to log in to your isp and the password you use to log into your isp. save the file and then in the xterm run "wvdial" without the "" It sould now connect to your isp. Occasionaly this will fail and you may need to edit annother file or two depending on the type of authentication your isp uses.

    good luck!

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