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    domain non-existant


    Could someone help?

    Red Hat 2.4.24-31.9

    I've just got our server set up and we have access to the net. The only thing we don't have is access to our domain. It's accessible from the outside world, just not within. Anyone have any clues?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    I take it you mean you dont have access to your website?

    Is the website hosted inside your building on your own machines, or is it hosted by a hosting company?

    What happens if you do ''? (This is the IP address that DNS returns for that domain name).
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    Thanks for the reply.

    That's right. I do not have access to our website internally.

    However, I can access it by typing into the browser. The website is hosted on our machine.


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    Ok, still no progress.

    an error from the boot.log file states:

    "Could not create INET socket on - Address already in use"

    could this be the problem?

    Once again, the basic problem is that I cannot connect to our domain/website while inside our network.

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    The problem is that most routers/NAT systems wont let you go from an internal address on the LAN out to the external address.

    What you need to do is set up your own internal DNS machine so that resolves to the internal LAN IP address of the server rather than its external interface IP address.

    As far as your own domain goes, the view of that domain from inside the LAN will be different to the view from outside on the internet - a well configured DNS server on the LAN can make the change of perspective completely invisible.
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    I appreciate your responses Roxoff.

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