I have Ubuntu 6 and D-Link DWL G-520 PCI adapter. I've compiled and installed latest drivers from madWiFi and everything worked fine for some time. Now I have the following issue:
- when I start working (I have PC turned on all the time) - wireless connection does not work. Internet does not work - I type any website in browser and it sits in "Loading website ...."
- if at that time I go to Administration -> Networking, select ath0 interface and click Properties, as soon as Properties window is displayed Internet starts working - site is displayed fine and works fast (I also tried streaming audio from Internet)
- after that connection works for sometime ( minute or two) and then goes down again
- as soon as I open Properties again - it start working again

I have IP address is static. Router works fine with my wireless Windows notebook. I have another network card (not wireless) plugged-in but disabled, if that makes any difference.