I have to setup a squid proxy server on my wan office.
the current configuration or setup for internet is actually 2 internet conections ;
1- set up on a linux 9.3 (isp regular connection)
2- set up on a windows xp Proxy machine (DVV connection)

on the wan pc's network configuration is set to be gateway machine 1
and in the browser the proxy settings for machine 2

and still machine 2 has for gateway machine 1 .

I have actually 2 solutions ;
1- installing a new machine (suse 10.0) with squid behind the 2 others taking proxy from machine 2 and as gateway machine 1
2- installing the new machine t(suse 10.0) with squid behind just Machine 2

actually i prefer if the first solution works.

I've installed the new machine and using webmin i've been able to setup the connectio using as gateway Machine 1 every thing worked smoothly. the think is that i need the proxying of machine 2 coz the connection is much faster.
i've tried the sibling and parent configuration but no luck.
i am really stuck
Any ideas will be great.