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    Opinion about network....

    Hi everybody....
    I am setting a LAN at home to provide free servicess(apache+mysql+ssh+ftp, etc). I have 3 Pcs for the moment and i wanted your opinion about which one would be the best choice for each function. The network will be as follows:
    gateway(NAT+firewall+router) and 2 servers(for the moment; i will be adding more).

    The 3 pcs i have are:

    1. AMD-K6 300Mhz with 64Mb RAM(i will be adding another module makink 160 of RAM)

    2. PII 400Mhz with 64Mb RAM.

    3.VIA C3 1500 with 256DDR RAM.

    I would love to hear your opinions based on yours expereiences on which pc would be more useful or apropiate for being the gateway or the server.

    on the gateway i will be installing debian sarge.

    NOTE: I dont put the Hard drives because i can interchange them according to the choices i will make; putting the smallest one in the gateway...

    Thanx very much.......

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    Use the AMD K6 for this, and the smallest hard drive. May I recommend you try a system like Smoothwall to turn your machine into a Firewall/Gateway appliance. It'll take away all the hard work of configuring it for you, and let you get on with installing and configuring the servers.
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    thanxs Roxoff, that was just what i was thinking and i heard about smoothwall and had already download it, but i would love to try to make it myself...but maybe for the moment you are right and i will try smoothwall...


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