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    Sending a file from the Linux Shell to a windows machine.

    I need to send a text file from the shell to a windows machine (say to an application that is using a specific port on windows).
    I'm unable to figure out how to do this...kindly, tell me regarding it
    Thanks in advance.

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    Albeit there a many ways to connect a Linux and a Windows PC, I presume both PCs are connected to a network that runs TCP/IP as you mention the word "port".

    In this case, you will have to applications on each PC, one is running as a server on a particular port, the other one will run as a client on a particular port.

    I tried once a book like "Network programming in C" or so, I don't remember the exact title, to write simple servers and clients. Those are relatively small and simple programms. You get also similar examples in some of the O'Reilly's Perl books.

    When you got those programs running on both PCs being able to communicate with each other you can think about the application protocol.

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    If you have to send the file from Linux: Open a share on the WIN box and access the share with the samba client (smbclient).

    You can also pull the file from WIN with scp/putty or ftp or use samba on linux, share the file and grab it from WIN.
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