Hi All,

I am setting up a lan with multiple isp accounts and need some help in
routing to this multiple isps.

                     ISP1                         ISP2
                               R1           R2
           \           /
                                  \         /
                                   \       /
                               LINUX BOX  (local ip eth0 default gw
I have 2 routers. and 2 isp connection comes to these two.
from this this routers the connection goes to swith and then to a linux box. I want to make this linux as my gateway for all pcs behind it. i set router1 as my default gateway. Problem arise when i tried to connect to this linux machine from outside through router2. because the the default gateway is router1 and the outgoing packet will always use router1 as exit point. Anybody please advice me to find out a way so that the packets comming from router2 always go out through the same and viceversa.