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    bandwidth monitor for each process/application?

    Hi all,
    I have process A and process B running. I'm looking for a network monitoring tool that tells me how much network resource is A using and B using. Do you know such tool exist? If not, please tell me which library, kernel system call... should I look at to build this feature ?

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    Hi matbiec,
    Well there exist many bandwidth monitoring tools. pkstat is one among the them and is a very good small utility. The following is the link : -

    If you wish build an application of your own, a library that can help you in performing packet capturing is libpcap.

    With Regards,

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    I think wireshark have the same capabilities
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    Thank you both for your prompt responses. pktstat tells me which protocol is using # bandwidth. So it doesn't differentiate 2 httpd processes using port 80. On the other hand, wireshark is a complex suite for my application.
    So, I'm writing the tool to monitor traffic. So far, my goal is to associate a packet to the process. Thus, the approach is capture packet size, link the packet to opened socket, then link the opened socket to the program. So far, I can only sniff the packet. I haven't figured out how to link the packet to the socket and from socket to the process yet. Any suggestion?
    Thanks a tons

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    Did you ever write the application?

    I am looking for something similar that provides me with stats on what applications consumed how much bandwidth over X period of time (daily or monthly)

    I am currently compiling pkstats to check it out and am using nvstat to see total daily / monthly bandwidth but I would like to know applicaiton level bandwidth usage.

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