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Thread: DNS Problem

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    DNS Problem

    i I'm using Debian Woody, and i configured a master DNS
    server on my network. It suposed to transfer the master zone
    to my ISP but it doesn't. from the local network, the server
    works fine, it resolves names and accepts telnet on port 53
    from the local machines. if i try to use telnet from a
    machine located in the internet it does not respond.
    if i look in the netstat i see olnly the syn_sent flag.
    I tried to do a namp from the external IP and it seens that
    domain port is filtered. when i did the same thing but from
    my local machine i can see that my domain port is opend.
    in my firewall i have POLICY ACCEPT for the output and I have
    accepted all the packets from that external IP address,
    and from the ISP's DNS. i have tried olso to log from firewall
    the connections from the external IP and it seems that i have
    an incoming packet and a response to that (an outgoing packet)
    so it seens to me that the problem is not im my firewall.
    just to be shoure i have used the command
    /etc/init.d/iptables clear (to get rid of the firewall)but no
    results. telnet on other ports like 80 etc works fine.
    can you help me??

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    you have to to tell you ISP that you are hosting a DNS server on your network.

    regards :P

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    Yeh these things can cause them problems do they know you are setting up a DNS server?

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