I am trying to connect through an isdn modem but when I do “pon provider” it looks as if it connects but after a few seconds it disconnects immediately. When looking in the /var/log/messages file I see an error: “Remote message: Bad Password”
I am sure however that I have typed the correct password both in etc/ppp/peers/provider file but also in the /etc/ppp/chap-secrets file. On thing I guess could went wrong was a wrong ipppd configuration. When I installed ipppd I was automatically asked to do some sort of configuration which I don't remember how exactly I did. Maybe I did some mistake at that stage since I didn't know what exactly to put in. However I don't know how to run this configuration again.

Is there anything else I should check for? This thing is running me crazy since many days now. I could provide, if necessary my /peers/provider file or more output from my /log/messages file.