Hi !

For a same time a I have a big problem - the most of popular and new distributions, hangs on my computer. This problem exists on Ubuntu 6.06 and 6.10 but no on 5.10 and 5.04, on Suse 10.1 but no on 9.2 on KateOS III, but no on Gentoo 2006.1 and I really don't know what is a reason of this problem.

Maybe my hardware but maybe Xorg.
My logs from Suse 10.1: http://drabina.funpic.de/warn/

And my logs from Kate OS


P.S. When my computer was hanging I can only restart him and go to text mode (crt+alt+f2) and when I did it, I saw this:
Warning Type "ONE LEVEL has 1 levels, but <ralt> has 2 symbols
                      ignoring extra symbols
Errorors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the x server
usr/binstartxfce: X server already running on display: 0
Agend pid 2591
** (xfwm:2603): Warning **:  The display does not support the  XComposite extension
** (xfwm:2603): Warning **: Composity manager disabled

(xfdesktop:2605): GTK-Critical **: gtk_style_detach: assertion 'style->attach_count> 0' fatal...(ścięło mi niestety)
method return sender=1.0 -> dest=:1.1
This is can be reason of my problems ?


P.S. I'm sorry, because I added this topic in to bad subforum