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    Connecting two Fedora pcs with one crossover cable


    first of all, i m sorry that i have already posted one similar thread which i can't seem to be able to delete. can any one please tell me as how to delete a thread if its irrelevant.

    i have two pcs both having fedora core 5 linux. both are single boot systems ie only linux on them no windows. none of them is gonna be connected to the internet. so this is just a small home network. only the 2 pcs talking to each other only. no more pcs are gonna be added to this network as well. i have one crossover cable to connect these 2 pcs. don't have a router/switch. i want to share files between them. how do i do so? need to use nfs? struggling to get hold of any decent tutorials/step by step guides- on the net particularly with regard to fedora 5. please guide me. thanks.

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    Not really sure, but a least to give you a clue
    Connect them, set some internet "safe" ips, and mount with
    mount -t nfs ///<nameofthecomputer>/<name of the share> /media/shared1
    ps: Be sure your firewall is not blocking communication between the two computers
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    Yes, you want to use nfs to share files between 2 Linux boxes. Before you can do anything, though, you need to make sure your boxes can see each other. Is networking configured on both machines? If you do 'ifconfig eth0' on each machine, does it show the IP address, netmask and all the rest? Can you "ping" each machine from the other? This is most of what you need, pretty much in order:

    1. working network card with correct module loaded ('ifconfig')
    2. correctly configured network address, etc. ('ifconfig')
    3. correct route table ('route')
    4. open firewall ports ('iptables')
    ('ping' should work, now)
    5. nfs server configured and running on the machine with files to share
    ('mount -t nfs server:/share/directory /client/mountpoint' should work, now)
    ...and to make mounting of nfs shares automatic:
    6. a directory mount point to mount the share to ('mkdir')
    7. a correct entry in /etc/fstab

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    Exclamation Private addressing

    You probably know this but to be on a safe side use:
    or if you hate 192 / .6 will work also

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