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    Rsync server vs rsync over ssh

    I'm looking for the best way to sync lots of files (4TB worth) from one machine to the other. What is the best way of doing this?

    I'm currently considering rsync over ssh and rsync via an rsync server.

    I expect the rsync with dedicated server to be much faster, but there is another question: Is it faster to have the rsync server on the machine hosting the files and have the emtpy machine pull the files or is it faster to have the rsync server on the empty machine and have the full machine push the files?

    1 more question: Does standard rsync with an rsync server send usernames/passwords in plaintext or encrypted? I am guessing that the contents of the transfer are plaintext.

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    SSH is encrypted; therefore credentials will be encrypted. As for speed during transfer, 4TB over any media will be painfully slow. As for transfer rate, push/pull speeds will depend upon your method of connecting the two machines.

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    any other ideas for good ways to shift a lot of data and keep it synced?

    I have the feeling that good old rsync over ssh fits so well nobody thought to come up with another solution....

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    Yes, I agree with you. For this much data, I cant think of any easier way. Although rsync will appear slow (and it'll only be as slow as your connection) you'll at least be able to carry out the data copy unsupervised - and preferably while you're asleep.

    Hopefully after the first time through, then the updates will be very quick - rsync will be sending differences not the whole data set.
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