I have a dual boot system with WinXpPro and Mandriva2006 Free. Currently I am using the ndiswrapper driver to get my internet service (I only have wifi). I am trying to set up 'Aircrack' for the Windows OS first and then for my Linux distro, just because I feel more comfortable working under Windows for now. I am wondering which Linux driver to use for the wifi card I use (DWL-G520) because I don't think the Aircrack will use the ndiswrapper driver- it needs a proper Linux driver and I don't know which to use for me card. Under various other distros the default driver chosen by the install has been different from distro to distro, so I just don't know which to go with, and am also not sure if choosing the wrong one can bust my wifi card??

Under Windows, does anyone know if the DWL-G520 D-link driver is able to be used with Aircrack? If not is there an alternative driver choice that will work with the card (under Aircrack)?

Any help from users who are familiar with the Aircrack suite would be great, again i am first trying to get setup under Windows, then Linux after I am more comfortable- most because I think that the GUI is only available for Windows, but I could be wrong on that...Thanks in advance, jaydag71