I have a system (old cyrix 233mhz, 128mb ram) that I use as an Ipcop firewall.

I am wondering about my prospects of enabling wireless through this firewall.

What I am looking at is putting a wireless card inside the firewall and setting it up so I have multiple "green" interfaces.

What I don't know is if this would be viable, work with Ipcop at all or even be a good idea since it already has to do routing to a switch with a cable network attached.

1. Would It be better to get an access point? (for which I have no Idea about how to set up, nor the difference to having the firewall setup with a wireless network card)
2. Could Ipcop handle multiple 'green' interfaces and would the 2.4 kernel have ANY wireless drivers in it? (or would I need a 2.6 kernel-enabled-distro)

3. Is this even viable?