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    how to accept a remote client with dynamic IP

    How can I config my iptables to accept a remote client with dynamic IP to connect to my LAN?

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    If it's a case of you wanting to only allow that external IP to connect, then you could look into something like port knocking. With this, you can set it up so that when you "knock" your remote server, it will run ANY command you want that matches the "knock"

    An example. I ran an ssh server at my house last summer, however the ssh port was closed to all users. The users that i wished to allow into the ssh server, i then gave the knock sequence. Then using a "port knocker" they were able to get into the ssh server. With this, I was able to say something like: knock on ports 7000 then 8000 then 9000 and then the knockd would see those requests (Even with those ports blocked) and run the command associated with that "knock" then i said to people that once done, that they should reblock the port with another knock (i used the opposite of what they had to open the port).

    The advantage of this was that with the knocking commands, it was able to open the ports JUST to the IP that created the knock request. So for example someone knocking from wouldn't be able to access the port from even though it's virtually the same IP address.
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