File Change Notification is not working in Samba V3.

Previously, using Samba 2.2.0 on a Solaris machine, a Windows File browser could receive notification when a file was created in a Samba share. Also, a program using the WIN32 API FindFirstChangeNotification would receive file change notifications from Samba. Now that we have moved to Samba 3.0.10-1.4E.9 on HP/RedHat Linux this no longer works.

What happens now is that the Windows system will initially get file change notifications but if about 1 minute goes by without any new files being created in the share then the notification stops working.

Someone else had previously documented this in the Samba Bug Tracking web site. Bug entry #2115, created in December of 2004 for Samba Version 3.0.9.

In the Bug report, another person comments that he has this problem with Samba 3.0.14

Is there anyone here running a Redhat Linux with a Samba 3 version who has file change notification working?