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    iptables match time problem

    Dear all,

    I am a new iptables user.
    I have some problem on using iptables match time.

    After patch the time of patch-o-matic-ng, I can use command as below :
    iptables -A INPUT -p all -m time --timestart 00:00 --timestop 23:59 --days Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat -j DROP
    And don't know why the packet doesn't filter by this rule.

    I try to use commnad "iptables -A INPUT -p all -j DROP"
    The ping packet to router is filter by this rule.

    Can anyone help me to find out this problem?

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: iptables match time problem


    it is hard to say why this rule doesn't fire when it is placed into your ruleset
    without seeing your entire ruleset.
    Have you tried debugging by first clearing all rule counts by: iptables -Z
    then running your test for time, and finally, rechecking your rule counts by:
    iptables -L -n -v --line-numbers That should show you which path was taken
    thru your rules. Most probably, some prior rule fired, and thus never reached
    your time rule.


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    Thanks your advice.

    I find the answer of my problem yesterday.
    Trace the source code and print some debug message in the kernel ipt_time module.
    The key point is the date_start and date_stop check.
    I don't input the date range in my iptables range.
    After delete the date check, my iptables time rule is working fine.

    I have another problem about Iptables about trigger port.
    I will create another thread and won't discuss in this thread.
    If you have free time, please give some advice.


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