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Thread: networking

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    Iam new to this networking,

    When i try to connect to my home system from my friend home sytem thru internet...

    iam having both ip Addresses in my hand....

    Thru client program i connected to my friend home system, the connection is established....

    My Question is.........

    When i ping my friend ip address from my home system, it shows me a destination Host Unreachable...

    But , when i isssue the command Traceroute to my friend home system, it shows me a list of intermediate routers ...

    so , why it happens like that ...

    With Traceroute it is working, whereas in case of ping "it is not"

    What would be reason....

    Can anybody help me pls

    Thanx in Advance

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    Re: networking

    Mallik said:
    With Traceroute it is working, whereas in case of ping "it is not"

    it could be that a firewall on either end of your connection is blocking the ping but not the traceroute.

    I would suggest, testing from each end of the connection:
    1. turning off insecure network servers [ie: ftp, http, telnet, etcetra]
    2. briefly turning off the firewall,
    3. retrying just the connectivity tests, ping, traceroute
    4. if those work, try some secure connection service, ie: ssh


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