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    wireless pci adapter installation, SuSE

    Can anyone describe in an easy way how can i install ndiswrapper
    and the drivers for my Linksys wireless-G?

    I have already downloaded ndiswrapper 1.27 and the drivers for my card.
    i am using suse Linux 10.0

    also when i use my dial-up connection, kinternet seems to connect by the browser displays that the page cannot be found as if i was in offline mode.
    any help would be appreciated

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    first download ndiswrapper from.

    install by unziping the tar file u downloading. Then cd to the directory that u unzipped to in console.

    type- make distclean
    type- make
    type- make install

    this should install ndiswrapper. to check and make sure after it gets down type ndiswrapper in consol and see if it gives u some comands.

    next venture into your windows folder and fine where your wireless windows driver is located. mine was in C:SWLAN/WLAN/ it will be a .inf file.. when u find it copy the whole folder onto ur linux desktop. Next go back into console and install your driver.

    type ndiswrapper -i /root/Desktop/Folder with wireless driver in it/driver.inf

    replace driver.inf with your driver name.

    next see if it installed.

    ndiswrapper -l and see what it says.. should be driver installed device present

    after u get that.

    type modprobe ndiswrapper
    type ndiswrapper -m

    after this step it should start working.

    last go to yast->System->etc bla bla config file ->system->kernel->modules loaded on boot-> and enter ndiswrapper then next-> finish

    let us know if u get any errors

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    Thanks for replying
    i had two problems:
    first i installed the ndiswrapper 1.28. When i tried to install the drivers of the card i got stuck because every time i pushed the 'enter' button it moved a line down and nothing happened.
    then i uninstalled it with the command 'make uninstall'. I don't know if i uninstalled it succesfuly.
    From Yast software manager i installed ndiswrapper that was on linux CDs.
    I installed syccesfully the drivers but when i typed 'modprobe ndiswrapper'
    i got
    FATAL: Could not open /lib/modules/2.613-15-default/misc/ndiswrapper.ko :no such file or directory.
    any suggestions?

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    ok first off when u entered ndiswrapper -l did it show ur driver saying driver installed device present.

    on the FATAL error it sound like u have updated your gcc and not built ur kernel to the version of it. have u done anything to ur gcc or kernel latly?

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    the drivers where succesfully installed acoording to the ndiswrapper -l command
    the distro i use was installed one week ago (i had some problems with SuSE 10.1 so i got back to 10.0) and i haven't changed anything.
    Also when i use my network card to connect via cable, again i cannot establish a connection.

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