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    connecting to outside network


    iam very interested to learn ,how to connect from one LAN to other Servers in different LAns.

    my question is:

    iam in "LAN A" i wrote the client program in one of the host in "LAN A"

    So, i need to connect to different Servers (like ser1 in "LAN B" ser2 in "LANc" etc) from the client program in "LAN A"

    Can any body Help me in this issue.....

    If iam trying to connect from my host system to my friend system thru internet (tcp/ip) , Will my friend system accept my connection, if not , pls give ma a small hints to do..

    Thanx in Advance

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    that's a very big question and you don't provide enough details to get a good answer.

    Try reading this first and then coming back here with more specific questions:

    Information that may be of use:

    1. are these networks different subnets?
    2. are these networks a mix of real world IPs and non-routable IPs?
    3. are these networks physically in the same building?
    4. are these networks connected virtually over the Internet?
    5. what is your application trying to do? is it trying to connect via a custom port?
    6. what firewalls are in-between the LANs?
    7. are you trying to connect to an already existing service? such as smtp, web, file sharing...

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    connecting to outside network


    Thanx for ur help.

    my application is to connect to an existing service (web) thru ftp.

    i wrote the client ftp program ,it is connected to a particular web at port #80

    The connection is established from my system with web , by issue the command at my shell using netstat -an , it shows me a status "ESTABLISHED"

    so, now i want download a page from that , is it possible using ftp, if so , pls give me a small description..

    Once again Thanx..

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